The original Best of Wikipedia is, yet again, down for the count.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I generated the list of Wikipedia-related links partly by Googling several phrases such as "blogs about Wikipedia" etc. I would remind everyone they can do the same and come up with longer lists.

It's an attempt to include (all?) sites 100% about Wikipedia that are not in Wikipedia. I immediately broke my own rule with Durova, but it's too interesting to omit. I also remove items from the list if they are defunct or appear so. I'll restore them if they crank up again.

I decided to not include any sidebar links to inner areas of Wikipedia itself. Remember you can look up Wikipedia in Wikipedia itself.

I also excluded sites such as Facebook, which have several groups based around Wikipedia, which one may find by local searches on those sites.

But you gotta know the rules to break the rules.

What makes a good or "best of" Wikipedia article? It should be fascinating, well-written, have reasonable citations, and long enough to satisfy curiosity (or linked well to other articles that meet the same criteria.) Or maybe other reasons.
I hope the site plays to the crowd.
Every so often I mention a "well-linked" article. In this age of hypertext, this is inevitable. Follow the links. I often choose such because it is both well-written and an ideal "spot" - a nexus - for investigatory leaping.

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